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EDX delivers scalable, highly available, and cost-effective storage solutions.

The type and quality of storage infrastructure implemented is critical to a business’ ability to compete. EDX designs, integrates and deploys storage network architecture, addressing its customers’ specific needs for highly available, secure, and scalable storage. After completing an assessment of existing systems and critical memory needs, EDX can design and implement a consolidated solution that seamlessly integrates platforms, networks and protocols, regardless of physical location. The benefits of a cohesive storage solution include greater system utilization, centralized control, improved manageability and flexible backup and recovery options.

Featured NIS Storage Solutions include:

• High Availability and Application, Database and File Server Management
EDX initiates strategies for maximizing availability in a multiplatform environment, managing hardware and application for failure. If a hardware failure is detected or a major enterprise application fails, failover service moves to another node in the cluster. Partnerships with leading companies such as Cisco, HP, EMC and IBM provide a complete, high-availability solution.

• Storage Management and Monitoring
EDX explores strategies for managing availability in a multiplatform environment and will integrate data center class servers to meet high availability and expandability requirements.

• Backup to Disk and Data Warehousing
EDX provides dedicated backup and data warehousing services designed to cost-effectively increase data availability and protect data from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services and managed storage capacity address businesses’ growing need for data expansion.

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)
EDX’ integrated network and storage services enable a wide range of BC/DR capabilities to provide high reliability and security between interconnected storage networks. EDX considers recovery time and recovery point objectives, optimal storage infrastructure, telecom systems, selection of mirroring software, distance requirements, budget parameters and strategic goals.

• Security
To achieve a totally integrated storage security solution, EDX’ service includes a vulnerability assessment, an integrated security plan and an end-to-end security design. The security solution includes anti-virus, intrusion detection, access control, firewall management, encryption and database security.
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