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Recent trends in legislation have placed an increasing responsibility for security, recoverability, and reporting on US companies. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act and state regulations raised standards for financial reporting and auditing. Additional legislation, like HIPAA, requires that all personal identification information be stored securely. Threat identification both externally (US Patriot Act) and internally is also being legislatively mandated. These stringent standards of information protection and recovery increase pressure on organizations to report, audit and maintain data from many functional areas.

Initial reaction to the new legislation and compliance timeframe required companies to find quick and often labor-intensive methods for producing proper reporting and audit trails. However, as time passes, organizations like yours are looking to make long-term plans for compliance and divert financial resources from temporary solutions to reproducible, automated reporting and recovery plans. EDX’ expertise in a variety of technological competencies positions it as the ideal partner for creating long-term compliance plans. Clients have used EDX to create multi-dimensional solutions to compliance issues, using skills including:

• Document Management and Email Archiving
• Data Warehousing and Centralized Reporting
• Audit/Corrective Action Management
• Competence and Training Management
• Data Center Services

• Intrusion Assessment
• Network and Server Security Planning and Implementation
• Database Security Management
• Data Center Services

Risk/Threat Identification
• Intrusion Assessment
• Data Reporting and Auditing
• Fraud Identification

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