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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
Increased reliance on technology infrastructure lead to increased pressure on businesses to plan and provide for quick recovery should disaster strike. Beyond merely providing backups to enable roll-back to a specific date and time, IT groups are expected to provide continuity of business systems despite failure. Continuity means planning for recovery before it happens, mitigating risks of failure, and providing fail-over systems and off-site storage and backup.

EDX network experts have enabled many clients to rest easy by designing business continuity plans that meet each organization’s specific needs. EDX can provide a full-scale network assessment to identify potential risks and failure points within your existing system, and work with you to create a plan to provide your company with the level of continuity required. The EDX Data Center can provide additional fail-over protection for your entire network with a dual-power grid, back-up generator, and network connectivity redundancy. Clients can choose to operate their own systems remotely, or use EDX Managed Service professionals to provide the expertise needed on a one-time or continuous service basis.
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