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Project Management
EDX believes that project success is both quantitative and qualitative.

Project management harnesses complex projects by applying established, standardized processes to more effectively and efficiently implement technological solutions. Good project management helps meet customer needs by standardizing routine tasks, maximizing available resources, and focusing a project team around specified goals and objectives. EDX project managers start by identifying the project goals and milestones, monitor progress by task and cost, provide statistics representing project progress and value on a regular basis, and manage any changes necessary to the overall project.

EDX project managers are PMP certified by the Project Management Institute and apply proven, established methodology and practices to all projects. These practices standardize the planning and communication tasks required throughout a project and create quantitative, tangible benchmarks for evaluating progress and success. NIS believes reliable project management leads to more efficient projects better client communication and fewer surprises along the way. At EDX, project management leads to better problem-solving by increasing accountability with clients and minimizing the surprises on the path to project success.
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