EDX Information Systems, Inc
46560 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone : 1 510 440 1011
Welcome to EDX Information Systems, Inc.
EDX utilizes the power of technology to solve business challenges.

EDX was launched with the goal of applying complex, broad-scale IT services to business problems, resulting in organization-level impact and change. The key to implementation of any technology is to be able to fully assess the impact of that technology on not just a single system, but on an entire infrastructure, and then on the business itself. In order to do that successfully, EDX employees carry a wide variety of expertise in engineering, technology, and business that yields solutions that not only meet a client’s immediate needs, but foresee the long-term impact of each technical choice.

EDX approaches each engagement with this focus, looking not only at your current needs but at long-term results. To do this, EDX believes in three primary objectives:

1. Apply subject-matter expertise to each engagement to provide business-wide solutions.

2. Engage in an ongoing partnership that includes direct access to EDX management at all times

3. Provide high-quality technical solutions that are optimized for time-to-market and value

4. Contact EDX to learn more about how EDX can use technology to successfully implement solutions to your business challenges.
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